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intrinsa User Rating: #21
intrinsa ratingintrinsa ratingintrinsa ratingintrinsa rated 2 starsintrinsa rating

Manufactured By:

Procter & Gamble (USA Location)
1 Procter & Gamble Plaza
Cincinnati, OH 45201
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Intrinsa Review:

Intrinsa is a pharmaceutical medication manufactured by Procter & Gamble, and designed to help increase sex drive for women, somewhat like a version of female 'Viagra'. Intrinsa is specifically targeted at menopausal women who feel that they have an extremely low sex drive.

Intrinsa is a testosterone patch which women wear daily and which slowly releases testosterone into the system in an effort to improve sexual desire and increase low female libido. Intrinsa is available by prescription only in Europe, but Intrinsa is not available in the USA as it has been turned down numerous times by the FDA.

Intrinsa Product Claims:

  • Helps to Increase Sexual Desire in Women
  • Increases Testosterone Levels

Intrinsa Results:

Intrinsa is applied as a testosterone patch, which is worn by women just below the navel and changed twice weekly. Testosterone therapy like Intrinsa is systemic, and needs to be applied over a period of weeks or months to have a noticeable effect.

By most accounts, Intrinsa is not a strong choice for ladies looking to improve their sexual satisfaction or raise their libido. According to Procter & Gamble's own research - in the women that reported any positive effects at all from using Intrinsa, on average they only experienced an increase of 0.5 to 1.5 extra "satisfying sexual episodes" per month.


does intrinsa really work?Product Guarantee: None

----> Intrinsa is only available in Europe

----> Intrinsa is not approved by the FDA



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Intrinsa - Full Review



Intrinsa - Review

intrinsa reviewThe Intrinsa patch is manufactured and distributed by Procter & Gamble and sold only in Europe and through European online pharmacies, as a treatment for low sexual desire in women and for female sexual dysfunction disorder. Intrinsa is sold by prescription only and is not available in the USA or Canada. Intrinsa should never be bought through online pharmacies as you may be sold an imitation product and there is no way to guarantee you are receiving the medication that the website claims. In addition, Intrinsa can have several side effects and should only be taken under a doctor's care. From a website selling Intrinsa:

"Who can use the Intrinsa patch? Intrinsa patch has been developed for the treatment of low sexual desire in women up to the age of 60, who have had both their ovaries and their womb removed (surgically induced menopause) and who are taking estrogen hormone replacement therapy (HRT). What is it used for? Low sex drive (hypoactive sexual desire disorder) in women who have had their womb and both ovaries surgically removed, resulting in a surgically-induced menopause. Women should also be taking estrogen replacement therapy (HRT).

Intrinsa patches contain the active ingredient testosterone, which is the same as the sex hormone that is produced naturally in both men and women. Testosterone is known as an androgen. In women it is produced in small amounts by the ovaries. The ovaries also produce large amounts of the female sex hormone estrogen. Women who have had their ovaries removed produce less testosterone and estrogen. This reduced level of testosterone in women can cause decreased sexual desire, and reduce sexual thoughts and arousal. This lack of libido can lead to personal distress and result in relationship difficulties. Medically, this condition can be known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder, referred to as HSDD. Testosterone replacement therapy for women allows natural testosterone levels to return to normal, thus helping to restore libido. Intrinsa patches are designed to be applied twice a week on a continuous basis. The testosterone is absorbed through the skin from the patch and into the bloodstream."

"The published evidence so far for Intrinsa is based on highly selected women and only shows small improvements in sexual parameters and large placebo responses," says Ike Iheanacho, editor of the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, which published the review of published studies on Intrinsa. "Also the long term safety of the treatment is unknown. Unwanted side effects are common and not always reversible. For all these reasons, we cannot recommend Intrinsa for use in women with sexual dysfunction."

Unfortunately, most of the studies on Intrinsa confirm that this product has not lived up to the hype when it first tried to get FDA approval almost 10 years ago. At that time, Procter & Gamble was trying to get Intrinsa 'fast-tracked' for FDA approval, and Intrinsa was introduced as a huge breakthrough equivalent to the first Viagra for women. Sadly - as with many new medications - that was mainly hype and as it turns out Intrinsa has turned out mainly to be a bust. While Intrinsa is legal for sale in Europe, sales have proven negligible and many women experience a wide range of negative side effects which - in our opinion - makes this product not even worth considering.


Intrinsa - Product Claims

  • Helps to Increase Sexual Desire in Women
  • Increases Testosterone Levels


Intrinsa - Guarantee

Intrinsa is a prescription medication and like all prescription medications there is no money back guarantee.


Intrinsa - Usage

Intrinsa is a testosterone patch which is attached to the skin and changed twice weekly. The amount of testosterone in the patch, 300 mcg/24hrs, is significantly lower than in testosterone patches for men. The patch is virtually transparent and about the size of an egg and is worn just below the navel.


Intrinsa - Cost

(Sample Prices from European online pharmacy)
  • Intrinsa - 300mcg/24 hrs - $270.00 - (16 patches)
  • Intrinsa - 300mcg/24 hrs - $395.00 - (24 patches)


Intrinsa - Testimonial

There are no Intrinsa customer testimonials.


Intrinsa - Side Effects

There are several side effects which have been associated with using Intrinsa. Possible Intrinsa side effects include facial hair growth, acne, deepening of the voice, anxiety, migraine headaches, vaginal burning or itching, palpitations, breast pain, insomnia, and increased appetite and weight gain, among others. Intrinsa should only be taken under the recommendation of your doctor.


Intrinsa - Bonuses

Current Intrinsa Free Bonuses:

  • There are no free bonuses for ordering Intrinsa


Intrinsa - Medical Endorsements

Intrinsa is not approved for sale in the USA and does not have FDA approval. Despite repeated attempts to get Intrinsa approved, there is no indication that Intrinsa will ever be approved for sale in the US.


Intrinsa - Shipping

Shipping cost varies depending on location. Only available through select European online pharmacies after physician consultation.


Intrinsa - How to Order

Intrinsa is available by prescription only - and only in Europe. Intrinsa is not approved for use in the United States, so although it may be possible to order Intrinsa through European online pharmacies - most likely the product will be confiscated by US Customs.


Intrinsa - Conclusion

intrinsa patchWe feel that Intrinsa is a very poor choice as a product to restore female libido and increase sex drive. Studies involving Intrinsa have shown that the results with Intrinsa are barely above what is experienced by the placebo group. Intrinsa must be used for several weeks before there's even a chance you'll notice any results. In addition, there is a huge list of side effects associated with taking Intrinsa, and most of them are quite nasty. Intrinsa is available by prescription only, and you should never take Intrinsa without consulting a doctor first.

Customer feedback indicates that results with Intrinsa will be almost unnoticeable, however the side effects associated with it will be anything but. Because Intrinsa is really just testosterone, in addition to several potentially serious health side effects, women can experience many unwanted effects from Intrinsa including extra facial hair, a deepening of the voice, and increased appetite and weight gain. It's important to note that Intrinsa is designed specifically for women under the age of 60 who have had both their ovaries removed, have had their womb removed, and are receiving estrogen therapy.

Overall we rate Intrinsa as a very poor choice for women looking to spice up their sex life and increase sexual satisfaction. Intrinsa is targeted at menopausal women who have had hysterectomies - and even then the results are not very positive. Just the side effects alone should be enough to make most women to cross Intrinsa off their list of possible sexual enhancement products. We feel there are a number of natural, herbal products which have proven very effective in improving low female libido and sex drive - and are much safer, effective, and more affordable. As such we can't recommend Intrinsa as an option that any woman should consider. There are several superior products available which are natural and much more gentle on the body - and still provide proven results.


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Intrinsa for low female libido?

Unfortunately Intrinsa leaves much to be desired as a treatment for low female libido and female sexual desire disorder. With an extremely high price tag and numerous side effects - Intrinsa pales in comparison to herbal female enhancers which have been available for a number of years. Intrinsa is not FDA approved and is not available to purchase in the USA.

While Intrinsa is definitely NOT a good option for low female libido, there are a number of natural treatments to increase female sex drive and help improve arousal and sexual satisfaction. All of our consumer recommended products have proven repeatedly that they work, and our consumer recommended female sexual enhancers have excellent money back guarantees. We encourage you to learn more about these products and start experiencing the thrill of revitalized sex life and better sexual satisfaction and enjoyment.


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